The Tools I Like Best

CSS 3 + JQuery
Sketch + Adobe Illustrator
HYPE Processing
After Effects
Cinema 4D
A Pen


Mobile: Tap Below

Best At

Coding Languages: HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / PHP / CMS (Wordpress)

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / Sketch

Good At

Animation & 3D Modelling Tools: Adobe After Effects / Cinema 4D / 3DS Max

Training At

New Coding and Animation Languages: SASS / Ruby / HYPE Processing

Graphic Work / Web Design

Interactive Processing Animation[Hover over space below]

Processing Animation [Uploaded as Animated GIF]

Illustrator + Geometry

Design for Digital and Print Publication

Animation and Branding

Some of My Sites

Created with Mark Sandford, a newly launched digital streaming radio station website that will also live stream Detroit and Berlin music events. Super lightweight and mobile-first.

Mobile-first education platform for Junior Achievement Canada, 2015.

I was hired in Spring 2014 by Clasehound to design, and front-end code a conversion from a wiki-style list of 10,000 clauses to a legal contract building web app. The client wanted users to be able to build their own contracts, while being able to cross-check their work with standard contracts. For a long time the client wanted to keep the individual clause pages, which were sometimes 6 categories deep. I slowly designed these to become entry-points to parent contracts, which in turn acted as clause indexes.

This site was hand-coded on Bootstrap for RBC and Pembina, initially involved parallax and scrolling animations, scrapped to allow compatibility with legacy browsers. The requested site was data heavy, so kept a focus on animated infrographics, while maintaining the RBC branding style.

A student assignment - this site uses the Google Maps API to calculate the approximate cost of a cab anywhere in Toronto. Designed by me and coded by hand on Bootstrap.

An ongoing personal project, exploring the potentialities of animating patterns. On hold while I play with visualizations in Java Processing! Built from scratch, uses CSS Animations and limited JQuery.

A school project, this site was my first foray into jQuery animation.