The Tools I Like Best

CSS 3 + JQuery
Sketch + Adobe Illustrator
HYPE Processing
After Effects
Cinema 4D
A Pen


Mobile: Tap Below

Best At

Coding Languages: HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / PHP / CMS (Wordpress)

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / Sketch

Good At

Animation & 3D Modelling Tools: Adobe After Effects / Cinema 4D / 3DS Max

Training At

New Coding and Animation Languages: SASS / Ruby / HYPE Processing

Graphic Work / Web Design

Interactive Processing Animation[Hover over space below]

Processing Animation [Uploaded as Animated GIF]

Animated SVG Assets

Illustrator + Geometry

Design for Digital and Print Publication

Sites/Case Studies

I was hired in Spring 2014 by Clasehound to design, and front-end code a conversion from a wiki-style list of 10,000 clauses to a legal contract building web app. The client wanted users to be able to build their own contracts, while being able to cross-check their work with standard contracts. For a long time the client wanted to keep the individual clause pages, which were sometimes 6 categories deep. I slowly designed these to become entry-points to parent contracts, and have know knitted almost all of them into documents.

This site was hand-coded on Bootstrap for RBC and Pembina, initially involved parallax and scrolling animations, scrapped to allow compatibility with legacy browsers. The requested site was data heavy, so kept a focus on animated infrographics, while maintaining the RBC branding style.

A student assignment - this site uses the Google Maps API to calculate the approximate cost of a cab anywhere in Toronto. Designed by me and coded by hand on Bootstrap.

An ongoing personal project, exploring the potentialities of animating patterns. On hold while I play with visualizations in Java Processing! Built from scratch, uses CSS Animations and limited JQuery.

SVG Animation, like that used in my name on this site, is one of the most interesting creative coding options around now. I built this site while getting the hang of it.

Built for a friend's website that has yet to launch, this Wordpress-based online order site was designed and built by me, and is waiting for practical use.

A school project, this site was my first foray into jQuery animation.

Another school project, more focused on CSS and web design. The premise was a library of 'found fonts'.

My first website job, a Wordpress site designed and highly code-customized by me for a high-end Toronto restaurant.